Friendliest Minecraft server on the market!

Welcome to CitoMC!

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey! (Slightly optimistic)

An Idea is Born

When we started playing Minecraft again we played on a normal faction server but there was a problem. We felt that the Mods were misbehaving and abusing their rights so we decided to make our own server with our own staff and our own rules.

Our First Staffmember

From that server came a guy named Evra007. We saw quickly that his building skill were so much better than our rusty skills so at that moment he became the HeadBuilder for the server.


Right now we have the gamemodes Factions, Survival Games and Creative but we still plan on adding more gamemodes in the future!

Our Staff

Masters of converting a shitty thing into something less shitty!


Server Owner
I am the one upholding the server and it's many plugins and gamemodes!


Web Manager
I designed parts of the spawn in our server but primarely I designed and manage this website!


If you wish to propose a deal of any sort containing marketing among many other things contact me!

More Staff

Masters of converting a shitty thing into something less shitty!


I am the one who came up with the prices in the shop and I also helped with the various projects began by our other staff members!


I manage most of the building projects on the server like the luxurious skyscraper right in spawn!


I keep everyone in check and if you have any complaints about our staff you should talk to me!

I came, I saw, I mined.

- Julius Caesar


Our primary gamemode!

Since we like the faction gamemode this was our first priority and everything else was an idea which developed on the journey!


For fun and casual play!

Looking back at the old days when we played Minecraft regularly Survival Games (Hunger Games) was the first thing on our minds so we knew we needed the gamemode on our server.


For a relaxed experience!

Since creative is somewhat one of the core gamemodes of the original Minecraft we wanted to include it in our server for a more chill approach to Minecraft for the community! 


For the competetive player!

Our server have many arenas such as a 1v1 arena, a 2v2 arena and a capture the flag (CTF) arena. We also plan on adding more in future!